“For me, music expresses that which cannot be said”

Engineered audio for the theater shows of Loco Vocals of the BDACT for the 2017 season

Engineered audio for Elwood and the Eccentrics for the Summer of Love Tribute.

Performed the unreleased 'Facing, Silence' album along with the songs 'Blues of June' and 'Within his Fear' on Sunday May 7th 2017 for the DCMA.

No foolin' for April 1st, performed on keys with the StarkWeather Bay Blues Band at the Paramount Blues Contest. 

Recorded & mixed The blues cover band, StarkWeather Bay This January 2017

Recorded & mixed the Metal band 2016-2017 Corridore.

Audio engineer for the BDACT's Loco Vocals 2016 Tour & Theater Performance.

Created video promo clip for the (BDAO) Beaverdam Area Orchestra for their 63rd season (4th quarter 2016)

In 2015,  audio engineer & videographer for the Loco Vocals at the

The ENDINGS album was released on
June 17th 2015. (6th public released album)

Released January 2014, Eric composed the song "Understanding" for the The Genesis Compilation CD.

Eric played piano, synth strings, and electronic drums on the song "Things We Should Do"(with Lucy Lawless on vocals) (2013) by Mark Lint creator of The Partially Examined Life podcast.    

Performed with Gage Castellano (2014), New People (2013), Eli August (2010), and Sleeping Buddha (2007).

Completed training of audio engineer at (MMI) Madison Media Institute (1996)